Welcome to EEMT

Emerald Equine Massage Therapy, LLC was founded by Kara O’Laughlin, LAMT, with the intent to provide extraordinary bodywork services to your equine partners.  Serving the Western Washington area, Kara is a nationally certified equine massage therapist who specializes in maintenance and performance horse massage.

Massage is fast becoming an important aspect of equine healthcare, which can benefit the horse in the following ways:

*Improve Muscular Health

*Alleviate Pain

*Prevent Injury

*Reduce Recovery Time

*Improve Range of Motion and Joint Flexibility

*Enhance the Immune, Digestive, Circulatory, and Nervous Systems

*Assist in Rehabilitation

*Reduce Stable Vices

*Increase Relaxation and Improve Attitude

* Assist in Physical and Mental Soundness

*Aid in Adjustments to New Training and Situations

For more information or to schedule a massage session, please email info@emeraldequineservices.com or call Kara at (206) 851-3873

Equine Massage is not a substitute for veterinary care, and equine massage therapists can not diagnose or treat injury or illness.  If you believe your horse needs medical attention, please contact your vet immediately. 

Emerald Equine Massage is a proud sponsor of Grand Prix Dressage Rider and Olympic Hopeful Alyssa Pitts. For more info on Alyssa, check out www.alyssapitts.com