About Kara

An avid horsewoman, Kara began her riding career in the Bridle Trails area of Kirkland, WA, at the young age of seven, training and competing in hunt seat during her youth. She has remained passionate about horses throughout her life, continuing to ride throughout her years at Western Washington University, and after her move to Austin, Texas. Upon moving back to the Pacific Northwest, she made the transition from hunter to eventer, and her riding is now focused on dressage as well as eventing.

Kara became fascinated with equine massage while in Austin, when a horse in her barn was experiencing muscular issues in his shoulder that caused severe lameness, and the vet recommended massage therapy as part of his rehabilitation. As an eye witness to the significant impact massage had in reducing pain, increasing performance, and maintaining mental and physical soundness, Kara quickly became a firm believer in the benefits of equine massage on the overall health of the animal. Years later, she enrolled in Northwest School of Animal Massage, where she focused her studies on maintenance massage, performance sport massage, trigger point and stress point therapies, and myofascial release therapies. She is proud to be among an elite group of practitioners who have passed the rigorous National Board of Acupressure and Animal Massage Exam, making her nationally certified.

Kara has always believed in a holistic approach to horsemanship and equine healthcare, and approaches each horse as a teammate and partner. She holds firm to the idea that horses are athletes at their core, and each one deserves the chance to develop and perform at it’s peak ability, whether that be during competition season, during retirement, recovering from injury, or simply out on the trail. She makes sure that each massage is focused solely on the horse, and is dedicated to listening and deciphering the needs of the individual animal for each session.

When Kara isn’t in a massage session, you can find her aboard her eventing partner, an off the track Thoroughbred named Wild Oranges, or flying right seat with her human partner, who also happens to be a pilot.