Services and Rates

Services: Each session begins with a discussion of your goals for your horse and any issues you’d like to see addressed (this is usually done via a health intake form).  After reviewing your horse’s health history and your goals, Kara will design a plan for the therapy session that may include any of the following:

*Gait Analysis

*Range Of Motion Tests

*Full Body Massage

*Swedish Gymnastics

*Myofascial Release

*Trigger Point Therapy

*Stress Point Therapy

*Proprioception (Muscle Memory) Enhancement in the form of Equine Therapy Stretches (PRS and Static)

Along with traditional massage, Kara may also incorporate other modalities, such as photon light therapy, music therapy, and / or aromatherapy, depending on the horse’s needs for the session.

4 Session Package: $75 per session or monthly client

Single Session Rate: $95

Multiple Horse Discount: Make sure to ask about our multiple horse discount!

Pre / Post Event Massage: Kara is happy to keep your horse in top form at events and competitions, please contact for scheduling and rates.

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Monthly Payment for Weekly Clients
* Kara does not charge a travel fee for sessions located within a 30 mile radius of Bellevue, WA. She is happy to travel beyond that to reach you; please email for details.   If purchasing online, travel fee will be charged separately at completion of the session.